Selasa, 01 Maret 2016

All Iz Well


Don't you ever feel like, you have a big expectation for someone, but the person did something that makes you want to scream, "Oh my God! Shame on you!!" Yeah, this post is about "Aku membencimu dengan sepenuh hatiku" series, haha. You will see my other post about me hating someone with this kind of title.

"Hem, are you hating, or ehm loving someone?"
"I've ever heard that the distance between love and hate is just short. Even the scientist prove it!"

Yeah, but maybe you can read the explanation by yourself, hehe, want to explain that, but not now. Something happen with both of my heart and head. My head keep spinning and my heart keep aching.

"How could you be like that, huh?"
"When someone said that he/she was ready doing something but he/she ended up doing nothing, what do you think?"
"Hem, but I wanna ask you something before I tell my opinion about that. Are you sure that he/she really didn't do anything?" 
"Aaaaah. not really know. I'm just crying for no reason."
"Ok. Why are you crying?"
"Hm. just cry, I can't think straight right now. Just like Rachel Platten said, wrecking ball inside my brain. Many things already happened. And maybe will be happened. Worry for a future, worry if I would feel something called 'di pehapein'."
"Omoo.. I ask you once again. Are you sure that he/she really didn't do anything? Maybe he/she needs more time to do the preparation?"
"Okay, but why he/she said that he/she was ready before? What does he/she mean, haaaaaah?! Heemmm, let's end this random conversation. Keep calm, I'm ALRIGHT. Just like Ranchodas Chanchad said, All izz well. Bye."

Nb: lagi random nih, maaf ya haha. 
Someone said, "Dibalik kata haha, dalam setiap curhatan sedih atau tangis, tersimpan huhu yang mendalam."

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